Recover your data safely and quickly.

Recover any file

No matter what kind of file you need to recover, Undeleter can do it. Undeleter's deep data scan reads documents, videos, audio, images, and everything else.

Undeleter's intuitive recovery process lets you sort recoverable files by type, size, and deletion date, letting you undelete your data faster than any other data recovery tool.

Unique safety features

Only Undeleter includes Blitware's DataStream technology to maximize the safety of your recoverable data.

Other data recovery tools undelete files one at a time, potentially overwriting recoverable data. Undeleter streams your files to RAM or the web and undeletes them all in one large batch.

Scans all storage

Put Undeleter to work on recovering from your camera's memory card, your USB key, or your external hard drive - Undeleter can read any device attached to your computer.

Undeleter recovers files from all Windows-compatible file systems, including file systems used on external devices.

Undeleter: Safe and effective data recovery

Undeleter recovers:

  • Files stored on hard drives
  • Memory card files
  • Photos from your camera
  • Songs from your MP3 player
  • External hard disk files
  • USB drive files
  • All movie files
  • Audio / music files
  • Documents and spreadsheets
  • Accidentally-erased downloads

Have you deleted irreplaceable documents or images?

We've all emptied the recycle bin only to realize that irreplaceable data has been accidentally erased. Fortunately, the data is almost always still present on the disk - but its space is marked as 'available', and the next file that needs space on your disk might permanently erase it. Act quickly with Undeleter to give yourself the best possible odds of total data recovery.

Undeleter brings your deleted files back from the brink.

By performing a 'deep scan' on your computer's storage devices, Undeleter is able to see the deleted files that Windows can't - files that are intact for now, but might be overwritten at any time. Using its DataStream technology, Undeleter recovers your files without doing further damage to the recoverable data on your disk.

Get your files back now: Undelete now with Undeleter.

Recover your 'deleted' critical data in under two minutes.

On one hand, you have professional data recovery services that will charge you $500 to recover your file. On the other - poorly-made utilities that might recover one file while permanently erasing hundreds of others. Undeleter gets your data back without damaging other recoverable data on your computer.

Simple, safe data recovery - without the big price tag.

You can use Undeleter to scan your computer for recoverable files any time, absolutely free. A 1-year license of Undeleter is only $39.95, and the product is backed by an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. Our in-house expert support technicians will bend over backwards to help you get your deleted file back.

How does Undeleter stack up against the competition?



The Competition

Quickly find a specific deleted filed: "Search-as-you-type" results engine lets you enter a fragment of the file name and shows you matching results in real time; sort by date deleted and file size as well Search by keyword and then wait for the search results to process; some sorting options
Recover files without further damaging other recoverable data: Unique to Undeleter! Undeleter includes proprietary DataStream technology that recovers your files in an encrypted batch to your RAM or the Undeleter web service, without damaging other data. Recovers files one at a time, often damaging recoverable data that you had selected for undeletion.
Undelete from external media, including cameras and USB drives: Reads all file types used by Windows-compatible external devices, including cameras, memory cards, USB keys, and external hard drives. Usually reads the standard Windows hard drive formats; may include some support for external devices
Personal support: Dedicated in-house customer support that will bend over backwards to help you recover your files Varying levels of support, depending on the company.
System compatibility: Guaranteed to be fully compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP onwards; includes support for 64-bit operating systems Compatible with all 32-bit operating systems; rarely compatible with 64-bit editions

Download Undeleter now and scan for recoverable files.


Recover your deleted data in 4 clicks.

Keep Undeleter running on your computer to be ready for the eventuality of a catastrophic data loss. Undeleter only runs on your computer when you ask it to, and having it pre-installed gives you the best possible chance of recovering your data.

Undeleter is free of spyware, adware, and viruses.

We take pride in our work. Undeleter is and will always be 100% free of spyware, viruses, and adware. Undeleter's simple installer does not include toolbars, does not automatically create shortcuts, and doesn't cause Undeleter to run at startup. This clean, simple utility will be an asset to your computing experience.